FUSION® V1100 Epoxy Steel Bolted Tanks

PERMASTORE® joined forces with AkzoNobel who is a leading global producer of paints and coatings. The result is an innovative, technologically advanced fusion bonded epoxy product, FUSION® V1100, for modular, bolted containment systems. The high-tech RESICOAT® R4-ES used on the internal surface combined with the ultra durable INTERPON® D2525 on the external surface sets the new benchmark within its sector. Permastore developed FUSION® V1100 to be an exceptional Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating system, second only in performance to PERMASTORE® glass fused to steel solutions. Permastore uses high quality grades of sheet steel which meet or exceed the requirements of relevant tank design standards and applicable International Standards e.g. AWWA D103-09, EN 10025, EN 10149 and ASTM A1011.

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