Partnered with Climate Tanks™ to provide the highest quality above ground steel bolted tank technology.

Climate Tanks Distributing is your single source provider for the highest quality above ground engineered steel bolted storage tanks and ancillaries. We stock galvanized storage tanks and provide powder coated tanks manufactured by Climate Tanks™. These include fire water tanks, liquid and chemical storage, and rainwater harvesting systems. Our Climate Tanks™ stock is complimented with a variety of ancillaries including Halcyon Assembly™ (vortex inhibitors and plates), SeeLevel Blue™ (water level indicators), PosiFill™ (inlet valve, flange, hardware, and float system), nozzles and flanges, and rainwater filters & components. We also provide PERMASTORE® the leading glass fused to steel and epoxy coated tanks that are specified for clients globally exceeding American Water Works Association (AWWA D103-09), European Union (EN 10025, EN 10149), FM Approvals, American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM A1011), and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 22) standards.

We are committed to providing the highest quality above ground steel bolted storage tanks and products worldwide. Our passion for safety, social and environmentally responsible innovation, acting with integrity, perform with a sense of urgency, industry development, training, positive results, and continual improvement ranks us as a premier supplier globally. Our engineered solutions provide each architect, engineer, contractor, and customer with the highest quality product coupled with our exemplary service. CTD works with each customer to develop the best solution for your project, as every site and situation has its own set of specifications and/or requirements. PERMASTORE® glass fused to steel modular bolted tanks and silos is the premium product and is suitable for industrial, municipal, residential, agricultural, mining, and biofuel requirements. CTD also supplies high performance FUSION® V1100 Bonded Epoxy coated tanks. CTD supplies a full range of roofs and covers as part of our PERMADOME®  product portfolio. PERMASTORE® and Climate Tanks™ are undoubtedly your preferred choice for all your containment solutions.

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